Stainless steel-sorting

The WMS Technology Group sorting technology provides a fully automatic separation of a wide variety of different materials and ensures highest reliability, econoomy and efficiency.

Incinerator bottom-ash (IBA) sorting

Sorting and separation of metals from incinerator bottom-ashes (IBA)

Stainless steel from incinerator bottom-ash (IBA)

This an increased demand on the market, and the recovery of stainless steel is the last step of the final metal separation of metals from incinerator bottom-ash (IBA), as well as another major resource recovery. Generally, IBAs contain up to 0.7% stainless steels. With the multiple spectrum detector MD900 it is possible to identify metals in metal-containing IBAs and to sort out and separate stainless steel from the IBAs.

Wood sorting

Metal removal from shreddered wood

Heavy objects

WMS compact sorters are able to separate and almost perfectly remove heaviest and most complexely shaped objects, such as for example

  • sorting copper iron anchors (meatballs) from ferrous scrap
  • from stainless steel sorting where there are 1 to 2% heavy objects (>2 kg)
  • in heavy metal sorting, where copper, brass, zinc, lead and even stones and rocks need to be separated
  • post-processing of the residual fraction from eddy current waste separators, containing a considerable portion of veryheavy metals such as copper, brass, stainless steel, but also aluminum (in ferrous-nonferrous alloys) and copper braids.
    • These objects an eddy current system cannot reliably separate, especially complex shapes such as cables or ropey metals, which take on different shapes after the shredding process.

Aluminum dry processing

The more efficient processes developed by WMS meet the increasingly demanding requirements of the market and of the environment. Dry processing has been the main focus of the research and development at WMS Technology Group. Aluminum separation is the logical development based on the earlier processes such as the sorting and separation of stainless steel, cables and non-ferrous metals. The first complete shredder heavy processing system with eight WMS sorting systems was commissioned in Austria in 2013. The video clip shows parts of the aluminum heavy metal separation with x-ray sorting systems.

Cable sorting with the multiple spectrum detector MD900

The WMS compact sorting system is being contiuously being upgraded and optimized, so that maximum recovery rates can be achieved with the residuals from eddy current waste treatment systems, which are very difficult to handle. Another step in this direction is the successful cable recovery.

Pressurized air management in the WMS compact sorter systems

Formmore than a decade WMS Technology Group have been focusing on the maximization of the energy efficiency in the detector-based sorting systems. By means of a continuous development of our pressurized air management system we are today able to work with a significantly lower air pressure (0.5 bar instead of 4 – 6 bar), as shown in this example in the sorting of PET bottles, but with an increased product removal rate (see also the example heavy parts separation).

  • lower air pressure
  • less air consumption
  • reduced energy requirements

WEEE sorting

WMS IV compact sorting system MD900 CED™ -HSI
processes electrical and electronic equipment wastes, shown here the input material and fractions of plastic, mixed metals, circuit boards and cables.
Eingangsmaterial   Kunststofffraktion   Mischmetalle   Platinen   Kabel